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How can I upload an attachment to email to my team?

Most captains will use the "email team" link on the "matches & teams" page which is a quick and easy way to send an email to the team. Granted if you want to add an attachment to the email, then you need to send that email in a different spot:

  1. In the top navigation, click on "Messages --> Create new Message"
  2. Select the "Active teams" you want to send the email to
  3. Enter your email subject and the "message"
  4. Click on the "browse" button to upload your attachment that will be included on the email. Only 1 attachment is allowed but if you have more just send a "part 2 email" 😊

Add Attachment to email

What is the "Keep recipient list private when delivered"? This creates an email that is sent as a BCC (blind carbon copy) email so that each person doesn't see who all it was sent to. FYI, if the list of emails is larger than 25 email address, the email will automatically get changed to BCC since if not it will get classified as "spam" unfortunately by the big guys (comcast, yahoo, gmail, etc).

Bonus tip.... need to send the same email to multiple of teams? Check both teams in "Active Teams" and then all will get the same email.

Bigger Bonus Tip... need to send to many players across all of your teams (active and old)? Click on the "Persons(s) from my address book" and select by team or by player - quick and easy!

Apr 30, 2024

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