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Can I import my players directly from ALTA/USTA?

Yes, it is possible to import in your player's names and we do "match" them with users in our database. The leagues (ALTA, USTA, NorCal) doesn't provide a user's email address though so you may need to do a quick copy/paste of the user's email address to officially add them to the team.

What if we couldn't "auto-match" your players already with members in They will show up on your team's "Add/Edit & Invite Players" with a pink background behind them ready for their email to be added and then submitted onto the team in MatchTime.

Imported Players - non-matched up

You can edit your team's players anytime in the "Add/Edit & Invite Players" Page - link found on the "matches & team" page (option in the top navigation).

The great thing is once the team member is setup in adding that player to future team seasons (ALTA, USTA or other team league) is quick and painless... as easy as a checkbox and click!

Do you have lots of players who are not yet in MatchTime or possibly not in ALTA or USTA... If you have a spreadsheet of your players, feel free to send it over and we will gladly import your team's players for you too.

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Apr 30, 2024

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