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Can I import my Team's Schedule directly from ALTA?

Yes, you can easily import your team's schedule from ALTA into

Key thing about importing your team is setting up as a "designee" on your ALTA team in -- this gives us permission to import the team's schedule and later match scores.

You will import your team's schedule from the "Create Schedule" link found on the "matches & teams" (top navigation) page on

Create Schedule - ALTA Import Area

The schedule import will also verify the players you have on your team in MatchTime and import any remaining players not found on your team in

FYI, MatchTime's ALTA player verification is meant to help prevent captains from accidentally playing players who are in but not yet on the team in playing non-registered players results in point losses and potentially lots of point losses.

Yes, we do have full ALTA import support for schedules, players, divisions standings, match scores and player verification.

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