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How can I change the team's match line types (singles/doubles) and/or my number of match lines?

You can change your team’s line types and other team info (name, levels, etc) on the “edit team” page. Here are the steps to get to the “Edit Team” link:

  1. Log into your MatchTime Account
  2. Click on the “matches & teams” in the top navigation to go to your team
  3. Scroll down to your team if you have multiple teams
  4. On the top of your team, you will see a gray’ish green bar which has your team name on it. After your team name you will see an “edit team” link - click the "edit team" a. In the edit team page, you can change any of the team's details b. After updating your data, remember to click click the button “update team” on the bottom of that page and all will be changed.

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