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How can I send an email out to an old team?

There are a couple of ways to send an email to an old team:

  1. Log into your MatchTime account
  2. Go to the “messages” tab in the top navigation and click on “Create New Message” a. select the “radio button” “Person(s) from my Address Book”. This will open up a listing of all the players from your “MatchTime Address Book” (all players from previous teams. b. On the top of the list of players off to the right you will see a drop down which says “completed seasons” —> inside this drop down is a listing of all your old team. Select the team you want to email and you will notice this “checks” that players name for you automatically. c. Type out your message and send the email

The nice thing about the “create new email” in messages is you can quickly and easily send an email to people not just on that single team

Another way to do it is go the “completed seasons” drop down in the “matches & teams” page and select the old team there and then use the “email team” link just like on an “active team”.

Email players from old team

Apr 30, 2024

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